Smart simplicity

Eureka Caterware brings value to the Foodservice & Food Retail (semi) disposable markets, by offering innovative, smart and qualitative products that answer new & clear market needs.

With our and dynamic organization, we support the industry's need first and foremost. Servicing distributors, national and international accounts in Foodservice, Catering (event, institutional, travel) and Retail (outdoor, cash & carry, supermarkets, department stores, party stores).

Premium disposable table dressing

At Eureka Caterware we strive to develop and offer (semi) disposable products that , together, form a differentiating 'qualitative disposable table dressing concept' that anti-cipates on emeriging market trends and needs. Such as the demand for convenience and spending quality time at home or outdoors, with friends and family.

Creating opportunities & value

Succesfully anticipating on consumer trends and market developments often means creating opportunities for incremental volume & margin. Eureka Caterware's premium disposable table dressing concept offers the opportunity to tap into new consumer needs, standards and moments of consumption.

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