Retail Concept

Concept: Premium disposable table dressing

A product is not a concept, nor is a group of products. But a group of products with a clear vision behind it, is a concept. Eureka Caterware strives to create and offer innovative (semi) disposable products . Products that together form a strong concept which anticipates on new and clear market trends.

  • Trend: demand for convenience
  • Trend: spending quality time at home with friends
  • Trend: 'product experience'; quality over quantity

Eureka Caterware offers a total 'plug & play' retail concept that directly answers these trends, consisting of a complete range of premium disposable square plates, of premium disposable square plates, bowls and amuse cups (Milan), Party- & Sushi plates, metalised cutlery (Reflections & Duet) and metalised drinkware (Celebrations).

Plug & play display

Based on the insight that shelf space often is difficult to obtain, we developed a 'plug and play' display for retailers that offers them the possibility to answer to the growing consumer need for qualitative disposable tableware in a very simple, flexible and accessible way. The display has a standard assortment of Milan square plates, Reflections metalized cutlery and Celebrations drinkware, but can of course be tailored to specific demands and needs. Contact us for more

Anticipating on trends:

incremental volume and margin

Succesfully anticipating on consumer trends and market developments often means creating opportunities for incremental volume and incremental margin. Eureka Caterware's premium disposable table dressing concept offers the opportunity to tap into new consumer needs, standards & moments of consumer usage. Creating a whole new category with new volumes and good margins.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you in progressing your (semi) disposable category- and shelf vision.

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