Caterplate all in one

Smart dinner solution

The Caterplate is a unique dinner solution that provides the plate, side/dessert compartments, napkin holder (some stemware applications) and cutlery all in one unique product. Users no longer have to find or fumble with cutlery. Simply snap off the cutlery from the plate and you are ready to eat. Each piece can be snapped on again so that the consumer can walk around and still have their cutlery pieces. The 2 compartments keep condiments, sauces or dessert separate from the food.

Qualitative presentation

It's qualitative and luxurious looks make the Caterplate excellent for serving dinner at bbq's, weddings, parties and other events. The smart simplicity of the 'all-in-one' concept, in combination with the ability to successfully compete on price against thermoformed disposables from competitors, makes the Caterplate a unique and highly appealing concept that cannot be beaten.

Service in style

The Caterplate may be for single or multiple use, and focuses both on consumers and professional users, ranging from event catering, healthcare catering, sport & leisure catering, business catering to foodservice outlets, party service and fastfood restaurants. At sufficient volume, the Caterplate can me made in a variety of colors and can be personlized with
- for example- logos.

• 'All-in-one' combination: convenience & fun!
• Smart, simple, user friendly
• Clear distinction to standard 'disposables'
• Cost saving
• Reusable if desired & 100% recycable

Product Table

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