Reflections metalised cutlery

Qualitative presentation

Eureka Caterware presents 'Reflections'; metalised cutlery has the same silver shine and sparkle as stainless steel cutlery, giving consumers a unique and high qualitative alternative to 'standard' disposables or metal cutlery. The change to existing single use metalised cutlery, creates a valuable 'wow' impression.

Smart service in style

Serving utensils enhance carry out, drop and go, and off-premise catering presentations. Stainless steel utensils require additional labour, have a high percentage of accidental disposal, whereas economical options often lack quality appearance.

'Reflections' metalised cutlery adresses both the need for a qualitative presentation, as well as the need to avoid high costs associated with renting or owning (cleaning, transport, replacing) metal cutlery.

  • Complete, high quality range of contemporary cutlery
  • Provides the spectacular shine and the elegance of stainless steel utensils
  • Engineered for enhanced strength and durability
  • Elegant & cost efficient
Product Table

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